103 – PCPMon Go


This week Stephanie and Wally try to explain to Jay what #PokemonGo is and why he should play it. Can they convince him? Listen to find out!

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99 – Cornhole

Episode 99

This week: We talk about the #CW removing all of their content from Hulu and what that means for us as subscribers, how much we hate Summertime in the South and why, “CornHole“-ing neighbors, Jay makes a trip to the flea market for #Nintendo Games, Steve’s connection to #IndependenceDayResurgence, and general ramblings as we prepare for the upcoming episode 100!

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90 – Fatbat Affleck

Ep. 90

This week, Jay gives his review of #BatmanvSuperman, Wally & Stephie talk about Nintendo’s foray into Mobile gaming with #Miitomo, & standing at the precipice of the Virtual Reality revolution and what we’re expecting from it.

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79 – PCP 2K16

Ep. 79

This week, we ring in the new year by talking about what we did over Christmas Vacation, what goodies Santa brought us, #OculusRift, #StarWars, the future of comics, how much the video game industry is just plain “doing it wrong”, #RockBand is “doing it right”, Season Passes for games suck, how to improve DLC, and end with a discussion about what it takes to do what you love in life.

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69 – Mammoth Burgers

This week: With Stephanie out on assignment, the boys delve into a science heavy episode. A discussion of the future of animation and art in Virtual Reality, to the past with the latest discovery of a new Hominid Species: Homo Naledi in Southern Africa, ancient civilizations, natural disasters and extinctual events, Bill Nye, Wooly Mammoths, and of course…The Muppets.

Ep. 69

64 – Twitchy Trigger Finger

This week: Wally gloats about his predictions of #Disney #D23 predictions coming true, we talk about #TheMartian trailer, lots of #StarWars talk, what body parts we can sell to afford Star Wars #Battlepods, what video games we have been playing, which ones we are looking forward to, what our favorite gaming moments were, how Tron Light Cycles should be at the forefront of VR gaming, and a plethora of other topics that are too many to mention.

Also, the winner of our Fender Squier Bulletstrat Guitar Giveaway with @CenicoRadio is announced!

44 – P.O.N.E.!!!

This week: Jay & Wally talk with Bryan King, creator of the board/card game P.O.N.E., and the web-comic Neo-Earth. He gives great insight on what it takes to create and market a board game, drawing comics, making a fantasy cookbook, and having massive success at Pensacon.

Star Wars Watch! makes it’s triumphant return with some much needed news, and then we slip into a philosopical discussion about Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. This is definitely one episode you don’t want to miss!

Visit www.neo-earth.com to check out P.O.N.E., Neo-Earth, and Vol. 1 Kingly Adventures Cook Book.