146 – Stupid Sexy Sweaty Spidey


This week: Jason goes to the dentist and hits a nerve, we discuss #Castlevania on Netflix, Wally praises Spider-Man: Homecoming & we talk about Jason’s uncomfortable attraction to Marissa Tomei.

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61 – Ramblin’ Pines

This week: Steve & Jay talk about their like, dislike, and ‘sort-of’ disappointment with Wayward Pines, Wally brings some Spider-Man casting rumors, Lots of Star Wars talk, Pop Vinyl toys, and then the guys finish the conversation with nonsensical rambling about the pop culture of years past. What else would you come to expect?

58 – #SDCC #NotThere #Sorry

This week: San Diego Comic Con is in full swing, and we are not there to bring any news…BUT Jay & Steve try to convice Wally to watch Wayward Pines, potential Star Wars news from SDCC, Jay tirades against the marketing team for Terminator:Genisys, how we now have funny feelings for Aunt May, and end the show with an ultra-rare political discussion about the current landscape of Social Media.

56 – Convergence

This Week: Derek Diamond, Zach Dykes, & Robbie Rawls of the Nerd Cave Network drop by the show to answer the age old question, “Are we too old for video Games?” Then discuss such topics as Jurassic World, Terminator: Genysis, the new Spidey, BatFleck, Marvel Cinematic Univerce, DC Cinematic Universe, weeping openly over the Star Wars Episode VII trailer, and of course…sex in space.