148 – The Lost Monsters


This week, Jay & Wally talk about #MonstersAnonymous playing alongside the 30th Anniversary showing of #TheLostBoys in Pensacola, their acting duties in the upcoming #MississippiRiverSharks on SyFy, & then the boys & Steph talk about all the goings on at #SDCC 2017.

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59 – Solace

This week, the guys talk about San Diego Comic Con, The Batman vs. Superman trailer, Suicide Squad, Jay discovers iZombie, and then the guys interview Ralph Puma @RalphPuma, creator of the web series Solace, ‘a series that follows five millennial comic book lovers on a collision course with the comic book industry’. The series just reached it’s Indie Go-Go campaign goal. ‘Solace’ Indie Go-Go page. Solace the Movie Facebook Page

58 – #SDCC #NotThere #Sorry

This week: San Diego Comic Con is in full swing, and we are not there to bring any news…BUT Jay & Steve try to convice Wally to watch Wayward Pines, potential Star Wars news from SDCC, Jay tirades against the marketing team for Terminator:Genisys, how we now have funny feelings for Aunt May, and end the show with an ultra-rare political discussion about the current landscape of Social Media.

43 – Doin’ It Live!

This week: Jay & Steve talk about their experience at Pensacon 2015, how Wally is quite excited about Rock Band 4, Marvel is bowing out of San Diego Comic Con, trying to keep up with all the fantastic television content that is out there and failing miserably, @Midnight is the funniest show on TV, why we’re divided on Gotham, how Agent Carter freakin’ rules, and why here on the Gulf Coast we can’t have anything nice.