161 – Yes, Have Some!


This week, Jay & Wally talk about their love of #Ghostbusters and building their Ghostbuster #Halloween Costumes, & more #MonstersAnonymous Festival Showings. Yes, Have Some!

Happy Halloween from the P.C.P. Crew!

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140 – Ain’t That Woman Wonderful


This week we talk about the great reviews for #WonderWoman, and wonder just how Wonderful Wonder Woman will be, Steve is about to take over Europe yet again, Steph gives her impressions of #Injustice2, & Jay is heading into the Apocalypse for the sci-fi shortfilm Sur’Vi.

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78 – Episode VII Spoilercast

Ep. 78


This week we spoil the hell out of #StarWars #TheForceAwakens. We are joined by Derek, Zack, and Robbie from @NerdCaveNetwork and can barely contain our Star Wars Geekery.  What did we like about it? What did we not like? What were our favorite parts? Who are our favorite new characters? We cover it ALL on this episode. So if you have NOT seen the move, DO NOT LISTEN until you immediately go to the theatre and watch it…Go on…we will be right here waiting.

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57 – Inside Out Martian

In this laid back episode, after the uproarious geek/nerd fest of last week, Steve gives his review of the book, “The Martian”, Wally reviews “Inside Out” by Pixar, Jay is disappointed in the new season of Orange is the New Black, & then the guys talk nostaglically about computing in the 80’s & 90’s and playing “Doom” and “Quake” in class.

55 – Blazing Knight

This week: Wally discusses some of the announcements at E3, XBox One, and Virtual Reality; then the guys talk with Jason Woodham, author of “Blaze – A Superhero Origin Story”, where they discuss dystopian futures, the importance of education, self-publishing, and why we love apocalyptic stories.

Visit his site at http://www.blazingknight.com & @JasonWoodham on Twitter