148 – The Lost Monsters


This week, Jay & Wally talk about #MonstersAnonymous playing alongside the 30th Anniversary showing of #TheLostBoys in Pensacola, their acting duties in the upcoming #MississippiRiverSharks on SyFy, & then the boys & Steph talk about all the goings on at #SDCC 2017.

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59 – Solace

This week, the guys talk about San Diego Comic Con, The Batman vs. Superman trailer, Suicide Squad, Jay discovers iZombie, and then the guys interview Ralph Puma @RalphPuma, creator of the web series Solace, ‘a series that follows five millennial comic book lovers on a collision course with the comic book industry’. The series just reached it’s Indie Go-Go campaign goal. ‘Solace’ Indie Go-Go page. Solace the Movie Facebook Page

58 – #SDCC #NotThere #Sorry

This week: San Diego Comic Con is in full swing, and we are not there to bring any news…BUT Jay & Steve try to convice Wally to watch Wayward Pines, potential Star Wars news from SDCC, Jay tirades against the marketing team for Terminator:Genisys, how we now have funny feelings for Aunt May, and end the show with an ultra-rare political discussion about the current landscape of Social Media.