130 – Two Grown Men Fightin’


This week Joey Image (@JoeyImage) returns to the show! Jay talks about how there is a growing epidemic of people fighting in his neighborhood, we have an “airing of grievances” in the absence of The Grumpy Cast, and Joey reveals that he would like to try his hand at being a stand-up comedian.


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125 – Adios Esteban/Pre-Pensacon


This week we say goodbye to our co-host Steve who will be leaving for another Eurotour after his appearance at #Pensacon 2017. We discuss our relative panels at Pensacon, & what awesome wares Steve will have at his booth. We then make a pact to get healthy and in shape by the time Steve gets back so that we can be the leanest, hard-bodied, sexiest Podcasters on the internets.

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123 – The Passion of the Palate Pt. 2


This week we finish our discussion of #Motivation through the dreary Winter months. Jason & Steve talk about what inspires them and keeps them moving forward whether it’s meditation, podcasts, and/or books, whatever keeps the creative juices flowing.

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122 – The Passion of the Palate Pt. 1


This week the PCP crew talk about what keeps them motivated towards their goals, even in the dreary month of January. Whether it’s career goals or life goals, everyone needs a little #motivation in their lives!

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119 – Badassedry


In this first episode of 2017, the crew discuss their plans and projects for the new year, and what a busy year it will be! We talk about Steve’s work with IDW Publishing, Wally & Jay working on the sequel to #MonstersAnonymous, and Stephie’s plans for her TwitchTV channel.

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117 – Just Do IT!!


This week the guys talk about the new #Baywatch trailer which leads into a discussion of bad 90’s syndicated television, the #Cloverfield3 news, and The Belko Experiment trailer. Then the boys put their motivational caps on and give some advice on how to make YOUR dreams become a reality.

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