156 – Keep Running Wild

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This week we talk with Travis Mills of Running Wild Studios about his upcoming film Blood Country, the soon to be filmed Cornbread Cosa Nostra and what it takes to be an independent filmmaker. #indiefilm

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126 – Monsters Anonymous Panel Pensacon 2017


This week: The Monsters Anonymous Panel at #Pensacon2017, recorded on Saturday February 18th with Juliet & Jeremy London, Matt Westphalen, Darnell Sheffield, Wally Phelps, Jason Robbins & moderated by Derek Diamond of the Nerd Cave Network. Thank you to everyone who made it to the panel, and we hope you enjoy this episode if you missed it. We apologize for a few spots in the audio that were very low, some of the folks on the panel needed to share microphones, but this is the Panel in it’s entirety. Enjoy!

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107 – It’s All In The Reflexes


This week: the show is LOADED with news about the #MonstersAnonymous Premiere, and our little short film is also kicking off the #NOLAHorrorFilmFest!

Then, we end up discussing Big Trouble in China for some reason or another… who knows. We’re all over the place and that’s why you love us!

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106 – Tick Pick


This week, we bid Bon Voyage to Steve who is headed off on his Euro-Tour, we talk about the complete lunacy of the Presidential Election, Jay watches Amazon’s #TheTick and is a little underwhelmed, then we talk about the passing of Matt Roberts, guitarist for Three Doors Down.


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104 – PCP Rewind



This week we take a look back at Episode 60: “Kickstarting Kros”

The guys talk with John Ostrander (writer of #SuicideSquadThe SpectreMartian Manhunter, Star Wars: Legacy) and Tom Mandrake (artist of Hellblazer, X-Files, The Spectre, Legends of the Dark Knight) about their kickstarter project Kros: Hallowed Ground.

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101 – Monster Music


This week: Steve and Jay talk with Composer A.J. Caruso (@AJCaruso3) about his career as a film score Composer, the projects he has worked on (My Friend, Oscar, Z.14.12, Bury Me, and of course #MonstersAnonymous), and give advice for anyone who wants to get into the business of film scoring.


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92 – Brian O’Halloran

Ep. 92

This week we talk with Brian O’Halloran (#Clerks#Mallrats) about his career, his time as “Dracula” on #MonstersAnonymous, being a part of the #ViewAskewniverse and more!!

And yes… He WAS supposed to be here today.

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