108 – Rated “G” for Ghoulish


This week Jay & Wally talk about the #MonstersAnonymous Premiere at the New Orleans Horror Film Festival and the Hometown Premiere at the Beacon Theatre.

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107 – It’s All In The Reflexes


This week: the show is LOADED with news about the #MonstersAnonymous Premiere, and our little short film is also kicking off the #NOLAHorrorFilmFest!

Then, we end up discussing Big Trouble in China for some reason or another… who knows. We’re all over the place and that’s why you love us!

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98 – Girl In Woods

Girl In Woods

This week: We talk with Juliet London@MrsJulietLondon, about her new Horror/Suspense movie #GirlInWoods, her role in #MonstersAnonymous, and a little bit about acting. Then Jay, Steph, & Wally discuss #E3 and what we’re excited about in the future for video games.

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91 – Monster Memories

Ep. 91

This week, Stephie, Jay, & Wally tell stories of behind the scenes of the filming of #MonstersAnonymous.


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83 – A PAX On Both Your Houses!

Ep. 83

This week we start the show talking to Jason Edwards of www.ilovefilmmaking.com (@JasonEdwardsTV) about being a Producer on #MonstersAnonymous, and our current #Kickstarter. Then, Stephie talks about her recent adventure to PAX South (Penny Arcade Expo), and Jay & Wally realize that apparently no one in their hometown knows how to use a drive-thru anymore.

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82 – Our Kickstarter

Ep. 82

This week we say Bon Voyage to Steve as he is about to embark on his 3 month tour of Europe and we discuss his upcoming work on the Independence Day 2 Comic tie-in. We also wax poetic about our current #Kickstarter campaign for the short film that Wally & Jason co-wrote with Jeremy London called “Monsters Anonymous”. #Crowdfunding

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80 – Help The Monsters

Ep. 80

This week Jay & Wally talk about their upcoming #Kickstarter campaign for a short film called “Monsters Anonymous”, which will be directed by Jeremy London (Mallrats, Party of Five).  Steve talks about his upcoming Eurotour 2016, and we finish the show by paying tribute to David Bowie, Brian Bedford (voice of Disney’s Robin Hood), and of course everyone’s favorite villain Alan Rickman.



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