99 – Cornhole

Episode 99

This week: We talk about the #CW removing all of their content from Hulu and what that means for us as subscribers, how much we hate Summertime in the South and why, “CornHole“-ing neighbors, Jay makes a trip to the flea market for #Nintendo Games, Steve’s connection to #IndependenceDayResurgence, and general ramblings as we prepare for the upcoming episode 100!

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82 – Our Kickstarter

Ep. 82

This week we say Bon Voyage to Steve as he is about to embark on his 3 month tour of Europe and we discuss his upcoming work on the Independence Day 2 Comic tie-in. We also wax poetic about our current #Kickstarter campaign for the short film that Wally & Jason co-wrote with Jeremy London called “Monsters Anonymous”. #Crowdfunding

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