98 – Girl In Woods

Girl In Woods

This week: We talk with Juliet London@MrsJulietLondon, about her new Horror/Suspense movie #GirlInWoods, her role in #MonstersAnonymous, and a little bit about acting. Then Jay, Steph, & Wally discuss #E3 and what we’re excited about in the future for video games.

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56 – Convergence

This Week: Derek Diamond, Zach Dykes, & Robbie Rawls of the Nerd Cave Network drop by the show to answer the age old question, “Are we too old for video Games?” Then discuss such topics as Jurassic World, Terminator: Genysis, the new Spidey, BatFleck, Marvel Cinematic Univerce, DC Cinematic Universe, weeping openly over the Star Wars Episode VII trailer, and of course…sex in space.

55 – Blazing Knight

This week: Wally discusses some of the announcements at E3, XBox One, and Virtual Reality; then the guys talk with Jason Woodham, author of “Blaze – A Superhero Origin Story”, where they discuss dystopian futures, the importance of education, self-publishing, and why we love apocalyptic stories.

Visit his site at http://www.blazingknight.com & @JasonWoodham on Twitter