175 – 75% Bean


This week we have returning guest Jeremy Branch (@JeremyBTerrible) from the @YouTube channel Movie Are Terrible to talk about #ReadyPlayerOne, Wally being mostly made of Coffee Beans, Pop Culture History, Jason going to the @HOTYSFilmFest to represent #MonstersAnonymous, Stephie getting Twitchy, & #Disney gettin’ kinda dark. #PopCulture

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137 – B Terrible

B Terrible

This week: Jeremy Branch (@JeremyBTerrible) drops by to talk about Podcasting and his YouTube channel B Terrible Movies & what the future holds for YouTube and Internet Broadcasting. Jay & Wally also talk about Monsters Anonymous winning an @TheIndieFest Award of Excellence in Shortfilms, and how it feels to officially be award winning filmmakers.

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