100 – Finding Debo


This week we celebrate our 100th Episode!! Steph tells us all about her trip to #RTX2016, then we talk about some of our favorite interviews over the years, what the podcast means to us, and what the future holds.

Special thanks to @NerdCaveNetwork, @Vicious696, @JustinRYoung, and @Coverville for the congratulatory MP3’s!

We hope you join us for the next 100!!

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55 – Blazing Knight

This week: Wally discusses some of the announcements at E3, XBox One, and Virtual Reality; then the guys talk with Jason Woodham, author of “Blaze – A Superhero Origin Story”, where they discuss dystopian futures, the importance of education, self-publishing, and why we love apocalyptic stories.

Visit his site at http://www.blazingknight.com & @JasonWoodham on Twitter