119 – Badassedry


In this first episode of 2017, the crew discuss their plans and projects for the new year, and what a busy year it will be! We talk about Steve’s work with IDW Publishing, Wally & Jay working on the sequel to #MonstersAnonymous, and Stephie’s plans for her TwitchTV channel.

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113 – No More Old Lady Knockin’


This week on Pop Culture Palate – Join Jason, Stephie, and Wally as they spend way too much time patting each other on the back for the success of Monsters Anonymous!
Once that’s over with, Steph and Wally take Jason’s hand and guide him through the confusion that is a vacation in the Orlando area! Answering travel questions like what is the best #Disney value resort, how do you see all of the Harry Potter area, what Star Wars stuff is available at the Hollywood Studios, and more! So listen up for a magical conversation that is not nearly as violent as Jason imagined.
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112 – Halloween Spooptacular!


This week we celebrate #Halloween by having our semi-annual game show-ish type thing “Do You Know?” Horror edition! Who knows more about Horror movies, Jason or Wally? Listen to find out!

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109 – Carpenter is King


This week: Jay & Wally spend the first ten minutes talking about a horrible trafficking problem in the Gulf Coast area, then they talk about their writing process, & cap the show off with Jay’s love for Halloween III: Season of the Witch. #Halloween


108 – Rated “G” for Ghoulish


This week Jay & Wally talk about the #MonstersAnonymous Premiere at the New Orleans Horror Film Festival and the Hometown Premiere at the Beacon Theatre.

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106 – Tick Pick


This week, we bid Bon Voyage to Steve who is headed off on his Euro-Tour, we talk about the complete lunacy of the Presidential Election, Jay watches Amazon’s #TheTick and is a little underwhelmed, then we talk about the passing of Matt Roberts, guitarist for Three Doors Down.


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102 – Strangebusters


This week Jay & Wally discuss the hit new Netflix series, #StrangerThings, and the new #Ghostbustersmovie.

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