154 – Oh, The Horror!


This week we talk about #Screenwriting Tools of the Trade, Fighting Writer’s Block, The passing of #TobeHooper, what makes a good #Horror movie, & we ask whatever happened to Horror Anthology shows/movies?

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128 – What Episode Are We On?


This week, Pensacon’s Steve Wise (@stephenjwise) returns to the show and we discuss our favorite era of Horror Movies, screenwriting, short films, and of course – what’s the scoop for next year’s Pensacon. Oh, and Jay still can’t properly use a soundboard.

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127 – Pensacon Wrap-Up


This week, Jay tells us all about why he hates Mardi Gras. Then we talk about our weekend at Pensacon. The celebrities we got to rub elbows with, the Panels, the Cosplay, The Booths… The Burgers!!!

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112 – Halloween Spooptacular!


This week we celebrate #Halloween by having our semi-annual game show-ish type thing “Do You Know?” Horror edition! Who knows more about Horror movies, Jason or Wally? Listen to find out!

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110 – Roasted Halloweenies


This week: Jay, Wally, & Stephie discuss how they get into the Halloween Spirit. Stephie tells all about her trip to #TwitchCon in San Diego, Jay wants to make a documentary about the Pascagoula Abduction Incident, & #MonstersAnonymous is having an encore showing on #Halloween weekend. Stay Spooky!!

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109 – Carpenter is King


This week: Jay & Wally spend the first ten minutes talking about a horrible trafficking problem in the Gulf Coast area, then they talk about their writing process, & cap the show off with Jay’s love for Halloween III: Season of the Witch. #Halloween


101 – Monster Music


This week: Steve and Jay talk with Composer A.J. Caruso (@AJCaruso3) about his career as a film score Composer, the projects he has worked on (My Friend, Oscar, Z.14.12, Bury Me, and of course #MonstersAnonymous), and give advice for anyone who wants to get into the business of film scoring.


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