180 – 48 Inches to Ride


This week, Steph makes an upgrade, Wally is a #Disney Encyclopedia,  & Jay finishes filming on an upcoming #Horror Movie.

Then we ask the big questions, Is Disney becoming too big? Will they acquire Fox & will #Hulu become the Disney streaming service? Did Toxic Fanboys kill the #StarWars Spinoff movies? Is Wreck It Ralph 2 merely a Disney commercial? And Lastly, will Terminator 6 kick ass? The answer is yes, yes it will.

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133 – The Milkshake Situation Pt. 2


This week Jay has a Milkshake Situation, Jay & Steve both are confused as hell by LEGION, we have opposing views of the #THOR trailer, & then Jay gives a tribute to his grandmother.

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110 – Roasted Halloweenies


This week: Jay, Wally, & Stephie discuss how they get into the Halloween Spirit. Stephie tells all about her trip to #TwitchCon in San Diego, Jay wants to make a documentary about the Pascagoula Abduction Incident, & #MonstersAnonymous is having an encore showing on #Halloween weekend. Stay Spooky!!

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99 – Cornhole

Episode 99

This week: We talk about the #CW removing all of their content from Hulu and what that means for us as subscribers, how much we hate Summertime in the South and why, “CornHole“-ing neighbors, Jay makes a trip to the flea market for #Nintendo Games, Steve’s connection to #IndependenceDayResurgence, and general ramblings as we prepare for the upcoming episode 100!

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77 – I Love You Butterbuns, Goodnight.

Ep. 77

This week, we talk about our excitement for #StarWars Episode VII, Stephie gets into the Christmas spirit by reviewing #Krampus, Wally has some #RockBand news, Steve is getting ready for his next convention appearance, and Jay is overrun by raccoons.

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67 – Sausage Fest

This week: Stephanie is out on assignment, so the guys ask the burning question about which is better: Turkey Bacon or Real Bacon? Then, get into a discussion about how BoJack Horseman is brilliant, iZombie is Jason’s new favorite show, Steve’s newspaper strip, Acting, and Comedy.

61 – Ramblin’ Pines

This week: Steve & Jay talk about their like, dislike, and ‘sort-of’ disappointment with Wayward Pines, Wally brings some Spider-Man casting rumors, Lots of Star Wars talk, Pop Vinyl toys, and then the guys finish the conversation with nonsensical rambling about the pop culture of years past. What else would you come to expect?