100 – Finding Debo


This week we celebrate our 100th Episode!! Steph tells us all about her trip to #RTX2016, then we talk about some of our favorite interviews over the years, what the podcast means to us, and what the future holds.

Special thanks to @NerdCaveNetwork, @Vicious696, @JustinRYoung, and @Coverville for the congratulatory MP3’s!

We hope you join us for the next 100!!

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68 – Creative Therapy

Episode 68

This week we have a different kind of show. As Stephanie searches for what she wants to do with her life, Steve, Jay, & Wally tell their life stories and how they’ve gotten where they are. How they’ve dealt with depression, anxiety, loss, being a creative being, & how to live in the moment and recognize what the Universe puts in your path to get you where you want to go. Lots of confessions and poignant moments, all is laid bare.

67 – Sausage Fest

This week: Stephanie is out on assignment, so the guys ask the burning question about which is better: Turkey Bacon or Real Bacon? Then, get into a discussion about how BoJack Horseman is brilliant, iZombie is Jason’s new favorite show, Steve’s newspaper strip, Acting, and Comedy.