65 – Skywalker Hand Jerky

This week: We discuss the new #StarWars Episode VII teaser and Finn’s lightsaber. Is it Anakin’s and Luke’s lightsaber that was lost on Bespin? Did it still have Luke’s hand attached? These are the burning questions on our minds! Also, we talk about #Nintendo allowing their properties to be turned into movies & television shows, which one’s we would love to see, and for some reason get on the topic of old board games. Jay also has some pretty bold predictions for #BatmanvsSuperman, listen to find out what they are!!


48 – Dueling Jambos

This week: Steve finally gets to finish his thoughts about Netflix’s Daredevil. Then, the guys talk about the Star Wars Episode VII trailer, Rogue One, the Batman vs. Superman trailer and why the hell would they release it the same weekend as the Star Wars trailer, Jay’s misgivings about Fantastic Four and a naked Thing, Jurassic World, and finally the incompetence behind why they would show us the surprise villain in the Terminator:Genysis trailer…Spoilers!!!

44 – P.O.N.E.!!!

This week: Jay & Wally talk with Bryan King, creator of the board/card game P.O.N.E., and the web-comic Neo-Earth. He gives great insight on what it takes to create and market a board game, drawing comics, making a fantasy cookbook, and having massive success at Pensacon.

Star Wars Watch! makes it’s triumphant return with some much needed news, and then we slip into a philosopical discussion about Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. This is definitely one episode you don’t want to miss!

Visit www.neo-earth.com to check out P.O.N.E., Neo-Earth, and Vol. 1 Kingly Adventures Cook Book.