54 – Kung Fury Road

This week: The guys talk about the “Ridiculousness of Awesomeness” that is the short-film “Kung Fury”, gush over Mad Max: Fury Road, and then wax nostalgic about the video stores of our youth and whether or not they will make a comeback as “retro” stores. Also in the works is the first ever “PCP Rock Band Party” with plenty of swag from Harmonix that will be announced soon!

48 – Dueling Jambos

This week: Steve finally gets to finish his thoughts about Netflix’s Daredevil. Then, the guys talk about the Star Wars Episode VII trailer, Rogue One, the Batman vs. Superman trailer and why the hell would they release it the same weekend as the Star Wars trailer, Jay’s misgivings about Fantastic Four and a naked Thing, Jurassic World, and finally the incompetence behind why they would show us the surprise villain in the Terminator:Genysis trailer…Spoilers!!!

47 – Chewie…We’re Home.

This week: The guys completely geek out over the Star Wars Episode 7 trailer, then completely geek out over Netflix’s Daredevil. Then, an unfortunate Skype incident boots Steve from finishing the show, but fear not, Jay & Wally soldier on to talk about the documentary “Atari:Game Over”. Jay also gives his thumbs up review of the sci-fi novel “Blaze” by Jason Woodham, which you can order at www.blazingknight.com.