129 – Nick Furry


This week, Derek Diamond @Derek_Diamond of the Nerd Cave Network co-hosts with Wally & Jason to discuss #Logan, and make the prediction that it will win, or at least be nominated for various Oscars. We also discuss how #PowerRangers actually looks kind of good, upcoming #Disney movies, & a missed opportunity to have a Nick Fury stinger at the end of Jungle Book.

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103 – PCPMon Go


This week Stephanie and Wally try to explain to Jay what #PokemonGo is and why he should play it. Can they convince him? Listen to find out!

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87 – Do You Know 90’s Cartoons?

Episode 87

This week: Another edition of our Game Show “Do You Know _____?” This time it is 90’s cartoon trivia. Can Stephanie defend her title from Wally? Who will emerge victorious? Listen to find out!

Then we talk about the trailer for the Ghostbusters reboot, and other general nonsensery.

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