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The following was originally published as part of a larger blog on November 1, 2014:

Going around the corner, we see the Tatooine Traders and Star Tours as normal; however, the entire area from here all the way to the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular and the American Idol Experience on the other side of Echo Lake.

In general, the entire area will be patrolled by Storm Troopers, Jedi, Droids, and several other types of entertainment in the streets.

Going along the side of Star Tours we can see the Backlot Express has been redone as the Mos Isley Cantina. In the front is a standard counter service with several booths and a Cantina Band. If you prefer to have the character meal with the Star Wars characters, you can go to the buffet on the inside where the bar looks like the one from the film with animatronic patrons that you cannot get to, but they will interact with you as you get your rotisserie chicken and heat lamped pizza. Since you are paying a premium, of COURSE you are getting a cantina band as well. Every so often a show will happen with lightsaber or blaster duels and the like.

Having replaced the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular will be a Speeder Bike attraction where we can zoom through the forest moon of Endor.

Replacing the Sounds Dangerous and American Idol attractions would be an entirely new experience themed around Boba Fett. Set up as if you are fugitives running from the Imperial forces, you enter the Cloud City (using a fake high speed elevator in the preshow) to get to the take off platforms to ship you and your party safely to a Rebellion controlled system. As you get into the transport (roller coaster car), you slowly make your way through the show scenes where you can see your ship in the distance getting prepared for takeoff. Boba Fett’s Slave one appears in front of you and the bounty hunter demands that you stop and surrender. “It will only do for a surrender. You’re wanted alive or dead,” he explains before the transport launches into a chase made possible with projections, on board audio, and several inversions as you race around the darkened city night chased by Fett. The ride ends at a safe house (um…gift shop), as you have narrowly escaped the clutches of the famed bounty hunter.

There you have it! My newly revamped Disney’s Hollywood Studios! What do you like? What would you do? If you like any of these ideas, please tell us here, on Facebook, or Twitter!

135 – Affiliated!


This week: Jay & Stephanie hold down the fort while Steve & Wally are out on assignment, but we are still so full of good news that we are bursting at the seams! Steph gets the news that she is an official Twitch.TV affiliate, & Jay is going to be a part of a new sci-fi/apocalyptic film Sur’Vi and the #IndieGoGo campaign is over halfway funded after only 3 days!

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134 – Old Man Jay Can’t Play


This week, Scott Hoverman of 3 Alarm Comics pops in to talk about what is in store for Free Comic Book Day, Steve gives us the skinny on his ongoing work on Normandy Gold for Titan Comics, Jay has a Monsters Anonymous 2 Update, Stephie tells us about  the #indiegame #LittleNightmares & #Perception for #PS4, & Jay admits to stopping playing #OUTLAST because he is getting old and didn’t want to have a heart attack. Then, topping the show off with our thoughts on the #StarWarsEpisode8 trailer.

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133 – The Milkshake Situation Pt. 2


This week Jay has a Milkshake Situation, Jay & Steve both are confused as hell by LEGION, we have opposing views of the #THOR trailer, & then Jay gives a tribute to his grandmother.

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132 – Full House


Steve Returns from his Eurotour! He gives us the skinny on European Comic Conventions and how his trip went for the month. Then Jay & Wally talk about a new science fiction short film that they are working on, Steph gives us her #Gaming picks for the week, & Jay falls in love with a tower defense game called #KingdomRushFrontiers.

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131 – Los Pantalones


This week: Jay, Wally, & Stephie pose the question – Are we oversaturated with SuperHero Movies? We discuss Spider-Man: HomecomingJustice League, the Laura Croft reboot, Joss Whedon directing a standalone Bat-Girl film, The Stephen King’s “IT” trailer, and Wally drops a Wikipedia bomb on Jay about the Dark Towermovie… and Jay is none too pleased.

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