130 – Two Grown Men Fightin’


This week Joey Image (@JoeyImage) returns to the show! Jay talks about how there is a growing epidemic of people fighting in his neighborhood, we have an “airing of grievances” in the absence of The Grumpy Cast, and Joey reveals that he would like to try his hand at being a stand-up comedian.


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129 – Nick Furry


This week, Derek Diamond @Derek_Diamond of the Nerd Cave Network co-hosts with Wally & Jason to discuss #Logan, and make the prediction that it will win, or at least be nominated for various Oscars. We also discuss how #PowerRangers actually looks kind of good, upcoming #Disney movies, & a missed opportunity to have a Nick Fury stinger at the end of Jungle Book.

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128 – What Episode Are We On?


This week, Pensacon’s Steve Wise (@stephenjwise) returns to the show and we discuss our favorite era of Horror Movies, screenwriting, short films, and of course – what’s the scoop for next year’s Pensacon. Oh, and Jay still can’t properly use a soundboard.

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127 – Pensacon Wrap-Up


This week, Jay tells us all about why he hates Mardi Gras. Then we talk about our weekend at Pensacon. The celebrities we got to rub elbows with, the Panels, the Cosplay, The Booths… The Burgers!!!

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