86 – Million Dollar Butt Warmth

Ep. 86

This week: Our #Kickstarter for #MonstersAnonymous has funded!! We talk about the road ahead for getting our movie made, and how much we love our followers and backers, we couldn’t have done it without YOU!  We also talk about our trip to #Pensacon2016, possibly one of the finest Conventions in the country, and how much fun we had, how we all fell in love with a COBRA Cosplayer, and Wally had a chance meeting with a wrestling legend in a restroom…no not that kind of meeting.

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85 – JuRY



This week: Justin Robert Young (Night Attack, Weird Things, & Politics, Politics, Politics Podcasts) joins the show to discuss his new Political themed Card Game “The Contender”, launching a successful #Kickstarter campaign, and of course we talk about “Weird Things” from around the internet.

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84 – Do You Know Disney?

EP. 84

This week: Our First Annual “Do You Know #Disney” Trivia competition between Wally & Stephanie. Who knows their stuff? Who will emerge as the Disney Trivia Lord & Master of all they Survey? You’ll just have to listen to find out!

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83 – A PAX On Both Your Houses!

Ep. 83

This week we start the show talking to Jason Edwards of www.ilovefilmmaking.com (@JasonEdwardsTV) about being a Producer on #MonstersAnonymous, and our current #Kickstarter. Then, Stephie talks about her recent adventure to PAX South (Penny Arcade Expo), and Jay & Wally realize that apparently no one in their hometown knows how to use a drive-thru anymore.

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