75 – The David Seymour Interview

This week we talk with illustrator David Seymour. He has done album cover artwork and gig flyers for such bands as Mastodon and The Sword, as well as artwork for skateboards, craft beer packaging, and much more. The we get into a discussion about Star Wars Episode VII, Star Wars Battlefront, and The Flash.

Check out his artwork and portfolio at www.davidpaulseymour.com and on Instagram DavidPaulSeymour, and twitter @DPS_ink, also check out his animated movie pre-production at www.theplanetofdoom.com

Ep. 75

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74 – Best Episode Ever

The guys weather a storm of technical glitches, but soldier on to record a show, outdated software and Skype crashes be damned!!! Stephanie takes a vacation this week and the guys try to hold things together talking about #TheFlash, #WizardWorldNewOrleans, and the stupidest thing to happen to red cups since the “Red Solo Cup” song.

Episode 74

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73 – Bringing Stephie Back

The whole crew is back! Stephie talks about her recent trip to Disney World, #Disney and good guy J.J. Abrams give a terminally ill #StarWars fan a look at The Force Awakens, Ash vs. Evil Dead is everything we wanted it could be, what is wrong, or right depending on your perspective, with Comic Cons these days, and Jay gets aggravated at crappy drivers.

Ep. 73

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72 – Makin’ Movies

With Stephanie out on assignment in Disney World, Jay & Wally explain why the show took a week long hiatus by revealing that they have begun pre-production on an actual film! The boys have written a short film that will be directed by Jeremy London (Mallrats, Party of Five) and will be launching a Kickstarter to fund the film beginning in January. Then the conversation turns to none other than the Star Wars Episode 7 trailer that was released last week and fanboy all over themselves.

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Episode 72