65 – Skywalker Hand Jerky

This week: We discuss the new #StarWars Episode VII teaser and Finn’s lightsaber. Is it Anakin’s and Luke’s lightsaber that was lost on Bespin? Did it still have Luke’s hand attached? These are the burning questions on our minds! Also, we talk about #Nintendo allowing their properties to be turned into movies & television shows, which one’s we would love to see, and for some reason get on the topic of old board games. Jay also has some pretty bold predictions for #BatmanvsSuperman, listen to find out what they are!!

64 – Twitchy Trigger Finger

This week: Wally gloats about his predictions of #Disney #D23 predictions coming true, we talk about #TheMartian trailer, lots of #StarWars talk, what body parts we can sell to afford Star Wars #Battlepods, what video games we have been playing, which ones we are looking forward to, what our favorite gaming moments were, how Tron Light Cycles should be at the forefront of VR gaming, and a plethora of other topics that are too many to mention.

Also, the winner of our Fender Squier Bulletstrat Guitar Giveaway with @CenicoRadio is announced!

63 – #D23 #NotThere #Sorry

In this Disney-Heavy episode, Stepanie Lombardo, @StephieLooHoo, joins the crew as a full time co-host! Topics include: The #HatefulEight trailer, #D23 Park Announcements, what are our favorite Disney Parks and attractions, what attractions we WANT to see at Disney Parks, and then finish up the show with who’s on whose side in Captain America: Civil War, and all the trash-talking surrounding the #FantasticFour catastrophe.

62 – StephieLooHoo

This week: Twitch Gamer Stephanie Lombardo, a.k.a. StephieLooHoo, drops by the show to discuss Video Games, TwitchTV, her 8-Bit Art, how to build a twitch following, and how to deal with Trolls. Then we talk about Fantastic Four, the Deadpool trailer, and loads of other Pop Culture nonsense!

Follow Stephanie on twitter & Instagram @StephieLooHoo and check out her 8-Bit Art on Etsy: Stephie’s 8 Bit Art

Contest Time!

You’re giving away what?

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What do you have to do for a chance to win?

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61 – Ramblin’ Pines

This week: Steve & Jay talk about their like, dislike, and ‘sort-of’ disappointment with Wayward Pines, Wally brings some Spider-Man casting rumors, Lots of Star Wars talk, Pop Vinyl toys, and then the guys finish the conversation with nonsensical rambling about the pop culture of years past. What else would you come to expect?