Nerdtoons “Selfie Stick”

Selfie Stick

Everyone loves a pun…

51 – Wally World

Yet another live episode where Jay, Steve, and Wally begin by discussing The Matrix for some reason, then commemorate the passing of a fellow artist and friend James Powell. After that, it’s all about Wally’s recent trip to Disney World, what our favorite attractions are, and why it is the Happiest Place on Earth.

49 – Jeremy London Returns!

This week: Returning guest Jeremy London talks all about Mallrats 2, who he is most excited about seeing and working with again, all of his other cool film projects he has upcoming, and also the work that his wife and son are up to these days. Exciting times for Mr. London! Follow him on twitter @SirJeremyLondon

Also, download his film The Devils Dozen from iTunes.

P.S. Don’t mind Jay’s flub at the beginning, he said Broke Nerdcast…and no one caught it.