Three Things You Missed About Jared Leto’s Joker


David Ayer, the director of the upcoming Suicide Squad movie released the first picture of what the new Joker look is going to be and it is…well…



I mean, it says so right there on his forehead.

Now that we got the obvious out of the way, here are three things you may not have noticed if you weren’t over thinking the whole thing like I did all day yesterday and today.

(NOTE: Movie Pilot is reporting that the Joker’s final look will not have the tatoos; however, I think that is perposterous that we would be shown THIS version of the Joker and the tatoos not be a real design choice.)

1. Someone Tatoos Him  Looking closely at the picture, you’ll notice that the Joker has an ink affliction. I know, it’s hard to see them unless you REALLY pay attention.

Now the thing that I find interesting about this is that there is a guy out there that tatoos the Joker and from the condition of those tatoos, fairly recently. So not only would the artist know who the Joker is, but he would have no problem spending the hurs and multiple sessions inking up a known psychopath.

I want to see this guy’s movie. I mean, this isn’t some dude who shared a cell with Mr. J in Arkham, those are well rendered gorgeous pieces of skin art and I just want to know what kind of a bad ass of a man has the cahones to do this kind of work.

It is entirely possible that Joker threatened the artist(s), and this is why the work is so well made; however, it just seems like it could be the plot of an entire sub story.

2. His Poor Oral Hygiene Has Gotten the Best Of Him   One of the Joker’s main attributes in his best incarnation was his buttery yellow teeth.


Joker, being one who wants to rebel against everyone and everything including the American Dental Association. Eventually his evil ways caught up with him and he ended up in Arkham, seperated from his love, and needing extensive caps to repair his rotting and (presumably) stinking mouth.

No wonder he and Harley Quinn are reportedly estranged at the beginning of the film.

3. He Fronts A Band Made Popular In the 1990’s   Do you remember Prodigy? If not, I understand – thier big hit song “Smack My Bitch Up” was only allowed to play over night at the hieght of thier popularity. The reason I bring this up is because the Joker looks like he may have fronted a similar band in the late ’90s.

Now before you start commenting stating that the Jared Leto was already in a band and this is true; however, the Joker looks like the type of musician who would have been touring with the Family Values Tour with Mudvayne, Slipknot, and opening for Limp Bizkit. I could imagine seeing some JNCO wearing, wallet chain-wearing, clove smoking Emo-Goth kid buying this t-shirt so they could go put a gross of safety pins in it.

Now there isn’t anything inherently wrong with any of those things, but it just reeks of Warner Bros. trying too hard to make sure that every Hot Topic is filled with Leto’s smiling face. I just hope it really doesn’t happen because. Well…look at that thing.


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